Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random facts we learned

After dinner Monday night, they brought us the bill.  Several people at the table reviewed what we ordered, what was on the bill, etc.  The cost was pretty low and I couldn't understand why they would haggle over it.  Shawn leaned over and told me that it is a cultural thing.  It shows respect to review the bill and, if possible, to have a member of the group who is Thai review it.

The lady next door is very nice.  She seems to be the entrepreneur of the street.  She sells bottled water, rents bicycles, leases the building to the boys, coordinates laundry services, organizes English classes for her kids and their friends with Andy.  In the morning I wonder if she sells coffee!

Toilet paper is used here for everything except wiping your butt.  At restaurants rather than napkins, they bring you a roll of toilet paper.  It is soft but not durable.  Many places have round holders with lids.  They remove the center cardboard roll and you pull from the center like a tisssue box.  And if you  need to wipe your butt, there is a sprayer hose (like I have on my kitchen sink) in every bathroom, public and private.

Speaking of toilets we haven't seen any "squatters" but we wanted to.  Most toilets flush but those that don't have a bucket of water with a bowl in it to use.  You dip the bowl about three times for a good flush.

As Andy had told me, there are dogs everywhere and none of them on leashes.  Some are mean so you need to just steer clear of them.  On Ko Chang the dogs seemed a little nicer but still we didn't go close to them.  Some of them just plop down and sleep in the middle of the rocky loop that goes down into the bungalow area, off the main road.

Seven 11 is the convenient store of choice and there is one on almost every block!  The sign is the same as in the U.S. and the inventory is similar, just all written in Thai.

When a person says "ha, ha, ha" the response is often "5, 5, 5" - the number five in the thai language is ha.  Sort of like their form of LOL!

Our complete photo album is available here.

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