Monday, April 4, 2011

Day Three - Trat

We woke up this morning feeling great!  Jody woke up first and was on the computer with Scott on Skype for quite a while.

Ian made us French toast after he and Jody went to the market on his motorbike. And Ian is quite the cook!  He made omelets later this morning also.

Jody loved going and I can't wait to go.  I rode past it today but haven't been there yet.  When she went with Ian they bought eggs, fruit, bread and some other stuff.  One of the fruits was durian which smells horrible but doesn't taste bad.  Unfortunately they had to buy the whole fruit which looked the size of a soccer ball.  Meaw took it to her brother since everyone agreed they wouldn't eat any more but were glad they tried it.

Later Jody and I watched Ian and Shawn hand wash their clothes this morning out in front of the house while we waited for Andy to wake up.

Shawn, Jody and I had Thai massages today.  A one-hour massage was 120 baht ($4).  It was great!  Andy and Ian sat in the chairs drinking tea and watching but we couldn't talk them into doing it.

When we got back Jody talked Andy into letting her drive his motorbike.  She rode it just to the end of their rode.  It is just too much to learn to drive it and learn to drive on the opposite side of the road all at one time.

Our Thai phrases have improved - both of them!  We can now greet people most of the time with "sah wah dee kah" and thank people with "kob koon kah."  However when the lady next door (who is the landlady) introduced us to her little girl who wai'd us (pronounced like the letter Y and consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion) we both said "kob koon kah" so it seems we aren't that great yet.  We all laughed!

We went to dinner at the "river" as Andy, Ian and Shawn refer to it.  It is an outdoor restaurant, actually four restaurants, by the river.  We ordered several different dishes and shared them between us.  Meau and Rahn met us there.

We had drinks and sat outside for a while but the mosquitoes were not kind.  Luckily I had insect repellent but I'm not sure Jody used it soon enough.  She is now using Tiger Balm (the yellow ointment) to get rid of them!

Tomorrow we are heading to Koh Chang for a few days.

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