Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Six - Back to Trat

Our last day in Koh Chang we went to the beach.  We brought along a young girl from the bungalows.  Andy said she was excited to be with the folongs but the truth is we were excited to be with her!

On the way there she started saying "ying!" and Andy told us there were monkeys somewhere.  Sure enough up on the electric line there were monkeys.  If you look closely you can see that one of them  has a baby holding on in the front.

When we got to the beach we setted on a spot for our stuff and quickly got in the water.  Walking out there were many rocks under the surface of the water for a few feet but then just sand under our feet.  We played in the water for a while, then noticed the topless sunbathers on the beach.  First time for everything but definitely not for us.  Our little friend found it quite entertaining!


I was sad to say good-bye to Koh Chang and my new friend, Khun.  I drank coffee and chatted with her as best I could.  I showed her pictures of my family at home.  I told her I am Andy's America Ma and she is his Thailand Ma.  I also told her he is my heart and I am very sad to be away from him.

We took the ferry back to Trat and the song-taew back to their house.  By the time we got there it was dark. Andy and I went to the market and picked out several things to have for dinner.  We looked for Tiger Balm to bring back but didn't have any luck.

We had a nice relaxing evening at home along with a few Leo beers!

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