Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Seven - Last Day

Last night I slept with Andy.  I wanted to be able to be as close to him as possible since it would be such a long time before I see him again.  I woke up with some stomach issues, the first and only problems since being in Thailand.  It didn't last long, thanks to the Imodium Andy brought with him.

Ian made french toast again and omelets.  He is very talented in their kitchen!  They seem to need utensils (because the floors are tile, anything that is dropped is broken so I think they have lost some glasses and dishes that way).  I asked Andy about it and he said they go to the 10 Baht Tent at festivals (where everything is 10 Baht or about 40 cents) to buy that stuff.  It's kind of like the Dollar Store here!

Shawn left on her bicycle to mail some stuff and run some errands.  She returned with gifts for us to take home.  She is so sweet.  She was also a valuable resource for us, letting us know cultural things that came up, how people think in Thailand, things like that.  She is also busy working on a manual for volunteers that Meaw wants to use for her company.

Andy checked on the bus schedule and the last bus to Bangkok is at 9:30 p.m. which allows us the entire day in Trat and just a few hours in Bangkok before our flight at 5:40 a.m.  He also went to the store where Tiger Balm is made and bought us several bottles to take home with us.

In the afternoon it stormed and the power went out for a while.  It was the first time that had happened since they have lived there.

When Shawn returned she was with Meaw and we said our good-byes.  I promised that I would return someday.

Ian made dinner of chicken livers, stir-fried vegetables and rice.  It was delicious as usual and a nice way to end our visit!

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