Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Four - To Koh Chang

I rode to the market this morning on the motorbike with Ian.  There are so many foods and smells, some good and some not so good.  Ian knows exactly where to go and what to buy.  He is a great cook and has accumulated utensils, spices, and even a burner so he is well-equipped.  Andy is pretty much the same as always - he loves to sleep in!

Around noon we were ready to head to the island of Koh Chang.  The lady next door called a song-taew to pick us up and take us to the ferry.

We took the ferry across and then another song-taew to Lonely Beach.

On the ferry there was a Coke advertisement with some very happy people on it.  We especially liked the person that is second from the left.

Koh Chang has several different areas.  We passed several resorts and went through a few small places.  The people who visit seem to be a wide range of ages and economic background.  The island has many mountains and was formerly a jungle.  The roads wind up and down but the drivers seem to be very familiar with them and go quite fast.

At Lonely Beach we checked into the bungalows we would stay in for two nights.  The lady who runs them is so sweet and loves Andy, Shawn and Ian.  We got two bungalows but she had an open one the first night that she let Andy stay in for free so he wouldn't have to sleep on the floor both nights.  She made us lunch at her little outdoor hotspot.

Khun calls me MaMa since I am Andy's mom.  She wears a fanny pack which is what she uses for all monetary transactions.  She has two daughters, the youngest of which hung around alot and warmed up to Jody and me quickly.  She had two little animals (Pygmy Treeshrew) she was caring for them because they fell out of a tree.

Lonely Beach is a location that attracts a lot of backpackers traveling through.  When we arrived several people came through looking for a place to stay.

The bungalows are pretty cheap but comfortable.  They each had one room with a bed and a bathroom.  The floor is all tile and you never wear shoes inside.  The porches have canvas hammocks on them.  Our bungalow was one row back from the waterfront  however it isn’t really a beach because there are so many rocks.

We all went up to the main road to shop but as Jody, Shawn and I entered the first store, Andy and Ian went back to the bungalows.  We went in several stores and got to watch Shawn negotiate the price to purchase things.  She explained that they expect you to try to pay a lower price and they do sell items for less than what they start with.  Most items do not have prices on them so as soon as you find something you want you have to ask "How much?"  Jody and I didn't buy anything the first day.

We found Ian and Andy back at the bungalows.  We waited too long to travel to another part of the island to eat so we settled on a place in the loop off the main drag.  The loop is mostly rocks and dirt and not so great to walk on.  Because it rained some, there were also puddles to navigate. Walking along the loop there is a variety of shops including mini marts, restaurants/bars, thai massage and bamboo tattoo places.  The tattoo places always had someone laying down receiving the extremely painful bamboo tattoo.

At the restaurant, we sat on pillows on the floor at a short table.  Jody, Ian and I ordered Thai food while Andy and Shawn had cheeseburgers and french fries.  On the menu it said "How are you doing tomorrow."  I'm not sure what that meant.

We left and went to the Ting Tong bar which was full of people from all over the world, mostly young adventurous souls.  Again we sat on pillows on the floor, however these were damp.  There was a guitar player who played and sang in what we think was Spanish.  As we left we walked past the Banana Leaf Bar which looked fun and we decided to go there the next day.

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